November 4th 2016


On November 4th 2016, Dr Le Louarn will deliver a practical and theoretical course on body contouring surgery for the Foundation Sanvenero Rosselli in Milan.

The foundation was created by Riccardo Mazzola distinguished Milanese plastic surgeon, in honor of his uncle Gustavo Sanvenero Rosselli, plastic surgeon born in Savone 1897 and deceased in Milan in 1974.  Great plastic surgeon, bibliophile and collector of rare books in Plastic Surgery, Gustavo Sanvenero Rosselli was a Renaissance man, very talented with great cultural mind. He can rightly be considered the founder of the Italian Plastic Surgery in 1929.

In accordance with the foundation’s tradition, the course includes a life surgery demonstration. A life surgery demonstration of Brachioplasty is thus performed by Claude Le Louarn and transmitted directly to the audience.

Thereafter, Claude Le Louarn teaches theorically and practically on brachioplasty, inner thigh lift (horizontal and vertical), anatomy of the lymphatics in the abdominal region, abdominoplasty, buttock lift, fat grafting in body contouring, and finally the results and complications of body contouring surgery.

The course objective is to detail the key principles of body surgery and how to respect them in each of the above mentioned surgeries: epinephrine injection to minimize peroperative blood loss, minimizing the extend of dissection with the help of adapted liposuction to protect the vessels, respect of the lymphatic trunks, closure of any dead space, allocation of tensions to prevent necrosis, closing and adapted sutures