The surgeon word

In an age of standardized “off-the-shelf” cosmetic surgery, quality plastic surgery stands out more than ever because of its bespoke dimension coupled with a high technical “savoir faire”. The most up to date surgical techniques differentiate themselves from usual techniques on two criteria: a decrease of risk and growingly accurate, natural and efficient solutions. Thus technical excellence allows the surgeon to consider operation for lighter cases and/or to give positive answers to more precise patients demands. Thanks to this ceaseless increase in personalization of procedures some more and more refined and elegant effects are reachable while preserving the efficiency and longevity of the result.

As a plastic surgeon, I don’t consider myself as an artist that would decide unilaterally what beauty treatment the patient should undertake, neither do I see myself as a scientist, only oriented to provide the most advance treatments regardless of the patient fears or uncertainties.

In fact I see myself as a modern artisan dedicated to provide the best possible surgery to positive persons that will be able to achieve the best satisfaction out of their procedures.

Not only, do I try to give the best of myself technically, but also it is my priority to respect the patient himself since he has entrusted me his unique body for a wellbeing oriented procedure thus consequently in a certain way his spirit. In return I expect respect from the patient as well as full frankness, adhesion and implication in the project. This will ensure us both that the entire plastic surgery process will be fulfilling.

Claude Le Louarn

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