The recovery period

Once the patient has return home, it is essential to have a follow up that is steady and efficient in order to ensure an postoperative period in optimal conditions. It is mandatory to attend to control visit to allow the surgeon to give you the needed care and any useful recommendations for this period.

The final result will depend on the surgeon’s skills, of course – but also on your body’s natural tendency to scarring and your adherence to the pre- and post-operative instructions.

Call your surgeon if you have fever, weeping, pain or any other symptom that worries you.

Keep the telephone number of our office +33, the clinic and your anaesthesiologist near to your home telephone. If you are at all worried following your procedure, do not hesitate to contact us during the day on +33 (0), or out of office hours through the answering service. (same number +33 )

It may happen after an anaesthesia that a patient feel tire, and even depress, the anaesthetist will advise you, if you want, some vitamins and stimulant, for a quicker recovery.

Please respect strictly all postoperative recommendations regarding rest, prescribed treatment and wound care. And ensure you lead a healthy life : for example observe the smoking prohibited period (and of course avoid all illicit substance).

It is your surgeon that will indicate when you will be allow to return to normal activities such as driving, practising sport or sun bathing. Last but not least, the surgeon may have recommend a re-education during the recovery in which case it is essential for maintaining aesthetic results (for example abdominal training after abdominoplasty and bodylift). Likewise if he instructed to stabilize weight (in order to maintain face lift and mammaplasty results for example)

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