It is normal early after plastic surgery to look less good than before. It will take time and patience to see the ultimate results of your surgery.

It will take time for swelling and ecchymosis (discolouration due to haemorrhaging under the skin) to disappear, and also for the scars to fade. This time period is variable, and depends both on the type of procedure undergone and on the individualized patient inflammatory reaction.

In some cases, it may be necessary to undergo a surgical ‘re-touch’ to improve results. This may happen whatever the operation and with any surgeon. In other cases, temporary problems may affect results and it may be necessary to wait longer than foreseen for the desired benefits to become apparent . This is why, the thrust between a patient and his surgeon is so essential in both preoperative and postoperative period.

Two or three months after surgery, it is possible to have an idea of the result, but the scars and the tissues, may suffer a inflammatory peak at this period. To judge the final result, it is often necessary to wait six to nine months.

To conclude, an accurate and detailed information, an extensive comprehension of patient motivations, a close team work between the patient and the surgeon in the procedure planning, a quest of surgical excellence indissociable of a good analysis of expected benefits versus risks, a strict observance of the surgeon instructions before and after surgery, an efficient follow-up are key contributing factors in the success in cosmetic surgery.

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